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              Revit 2014鋼結構視頻教程|Modeling a Steel Structure in Revit
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              Revit 2014鋼結構視頻教程|Modeling a Steel Structure in Revit

              Duration 1h 13m Difficulty Level Intermediate Project Files Included 
              Software used
              Revit 2014
              What you will learn
              In this tutorial you'll learn how to model a steel tower using Revit. We'll work from the ground up and begin with structural foundations. From there we'll attach columns to the footings by placing base plates and anchor bolts into the model. Once columns are in place, we'll learn a few ways to model and connect beams to the columns. We'll also explore how to use open web joists as structural elements for the floors and roof of our structure. Finally, we'll place a few steel ladders into our model to allow access up and down the tower. With these tools and skill sets you'll be able to model your own steel structure in Revit with ease and accuracy.
              01. Introduction and project overview 01:02
              02. Placing structural foundations for columns 04:07
              03. Placing anchor bolts and base plates 06:52
              04. Placing steel columns 06:21
              05. Placing beams 07:29
              06. Adding connections to columns and beams 11:39
              07. Adding lateral bracing 06:35
              08. Completing the placement of lateral bracing 10:00
              09. Placing open web joists on beams 09:00
              10. Placing steel ladders onto the tower 10:34

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